I’m a designer & illustrator with a firm grasp on humor. Let’s get a coffee or beer and talk about design, games, or other junk.

A little about the work

Hey there. I’m Jake Fleming. I lead the Product Design Track at Tradecraft in San Francisco with Mr. Zac Halbert. When I’m not teaching, I’m usually seeking out side projects that let me explore new approaches to illustration, game design, animation, or front-end development. I also own independent game design studio, Piasa Games.

Before teaching, I designed and developed digital products for both enterprise companies and startups. One of the most exciting challenges was bringing Lean methodologies so prevalent in startups to the world of the enterprise; solving real problems specifically in the health industry in months or weeks instead of years.

I've worked with...

Product Design

Philips eCareCoordinator

Responsive web application for patient protocol authoring and scheduling


Talent Objects

Talent aquisition by Lumesse


Illustration & Animation


Illustrations for Ebay's explainer video


Learn Code The Hard Way

Illustrations for the redesign of LCTHW


CN Game Jam

48 hour jam, 60+ teams, ~3 hrs sleep




How to create a style guide


Team Treehouse

Mobile game design


Contact me

Hi, person.

If you've got a job that seems perfect for me, let me know about it! If you wanna get coffee or a beer, let me know about that too!